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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Small Reference to "A Small Place"

Image: cover of Edwidge
Danticat's 2013 novel
Claire of the Sea Light
Thank you all for an energetic discussion of Edwidge Danticat's ironically titled story "Seeing Things Simply." I could barely keep up with the number of hands shooting into the air, all of you wild with urgency to discuss various aspects of the story. Profuse thanks to SU President Dr. Tracy Fitzsimmons for visiting our class and for jumping full bore into the fray, offering valuable insights on Haitian daily life and pointing out the overarching theme of the story: oppression. These are the most exciting, fun, and rewarding kinds of class discussions--and how wonderful to share with a welcome guest!

In our discussion of the character Catherine's exploitation of Princesse, I mentioned a long essay by Jamaica Kincaid called "A Small Place." Google Books offers an 11-page preview [here]. I defy you to finish this preview and not buy the entire book on Amazon. If you'd like to read the reflective exercise (including an excerpt of Kincaid's essay) that I gave to my GCP Trinidad and Tobago group last year, click [here].

Finally, for those of you interested in the blog I created for that trip, click [here]. Any questions about Trinidad, Tobago, or the GCP program? I'm happy to answer questions or gush about how great the trip and program are.

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