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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Town Hall Assignment #1

Town Hall Meeting Assignment #1
From Topic to Issue
News articles, course concepts, stakeholders/interest groups, issue and solution

You have your Town Hall topic (i.e. healthcare). Now you need to narrow down that topic to a specific issue related to that topic (i.e. equal access to health insurance) by reading articles related to your topic. Each paper should include the following:

Identification of  Topic: __________________________

Topic Assignments (you should know yours): Gun Control, Human Trafficking, Immigration/Refugees, Homelessness, Higher Education--Is it worth it?; Food--GMO, organic, industrial, or local

Articles: Find four articles from approved news sources addressing that topic and provide the following information for each article:

  1. Full citation for the article following MLA format.
  2. 1-2 sentence summary of the article, identifying who, what, why, when, and where. Cite all quotes and paraphrases.
  3. Discuss one course concept or approach that relates to these articles.  Present the concept, its definition from class material, and its source in the class material. Cite all quotes and paraphrases.
  4. Write a 1-2 sentence explanation of how the course concept or approach relates to the news articles. The more you analytically relate the course concepts to the information about topics in the news articles, the better your grade is likely to be. Cite all quotes and paraphrases.
  5. Stakeholders or interest groups: List the people, groups, or organizations discussed in the articles that are involved with your topic. Identify who they are and their specific perspective or interest in the issue. Indicate which article mentions each stakeholder or interest group.
  6. Issue:  in 1-2 sentences, use information from your articles and class readings to identify a single issue (i.e. equal access to healthcare) related to your topic (healthcare) that you think should be addressed. For example, something government is doing or not doing, or some situation the government should address. One or more issues problems will probably be discussed in your articles.
  7. Proposed Solution: in 1-2 sentences, use information from your articles and class material to identify a single solution to address the issue you have identified (i.e. Obamacare). One or more solutions will probably be discussed in your articles. Focus on an actual solution that an organization, lawmaker, administrator, court or other governmental officials or branch could attempt to enact or implement. Something government or grassroots organizations can do. For instance, your solution should be something that is possible and desirable. You do not have to come up with something completely original. You may find good ideas for solutions in the news articles.

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