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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Motorcycle Diaries Assignment for April 5, 2016

Dear Class,
What a ride we've had this semester! It's therefore appropriate that we turn to a travel narrative as we approach the home stretch. Let's begin by considering the multiple layers of the travel narrative. Notice that the genre usually depicts not only a geographical journey but also a personal one as well. Typically, the writer uses the journey from one location to another as a metaphor for his or her own growth from one type of person into another more enlightened or mature one. For example, in Motorcycle Diaries, Ernesto "Che" Guevara compares his nine-month journey to a gestation that will result in the birth of a new mindset (31). This week's online assignment is to locate (pun intended!) a particular moment in the memoir that suggests Che's movement not only from one location to another but also his transformation from one mindset to another.

Assignment: In a two- to three-paragraph comment to this post, address the above prompt. Use standard English. Cite textual evidence from the memoir. Your comment may respond to previous comments as long as it otherwise fulfills these assignment criteria. Citation includes in-text citation and a list of Works Cited. This assignment counts as one online work grade and is due by class time on Thursday, 4/7/16.